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Vinyl flooring is an affordable way to upgrade the floor of your home with a chic modern look. Vinyl has the look and feel of wood floors but is much cheaper. In recent times, modern technology has greatly improved the ability of the manufacturers to produce vinyl floor planks. The vinyl floor planks available are able to appear exactly as the texture of wood.

Today’s vinyl floors are aesthetically pleasing and can add a touch of class to your indoor areas – without breaking the budget. They are also quiet, even as they age. You won’t be annoyed at night by squeaking and creaking as with some old floor boards. Wood floor boards can be difficult to install. In contrast, vinyl floor boards are easy, meaning a tradesman can be in and out of your home with minimal disruption. 

Our vinyl floor planks are sealed, for total waterproofing. With this seal, not only are your vinyl floors much more durable, germs and bacteria are prevented from living on the surface. This means that these vinyl floors are ideal for hospital areas as well as for domestic spaces. They can even be used in bathroom and outdoor pools areas, as well as laundry areas. 

Vinyl flooring can bear lots of foot traffic. It is common, for example, in galleries for this reason. In being waterproof, vinyl flooring in Melbourne western suburbs homes is also stain-resistant. You will find it easier to clean up spills, leaving not trace of the mishap. 

We have a great range of vinyl flooring for Melbourne western suburbs. If you’re looking for quality floors at very affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place – call Discount Flooring today! 

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